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Roni Baroth

Painter and multimedia artist.

Born in Israel, lives and works in Jerusalem.

Solo exhibitions

2020 - Dance of the double hemispheres, Marie Gallery, Jerusalem. Catalog text: Nava T. Barazani

2018 - Quick, alone, and NowMarie Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Smadar Tsook Fernand 

2016 - Open studio, Guest artist in residence, Leveled Kunstnartun, Norway

2015 - The Inner Chamber, Gallery at Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot. Curator: Michal Horowitz (Catalog)

2012 - One Window, Gallery at Kibbutz Be’eri. Curator: Ziva Yellin

2011 - Paintings and other works. Gallery of the David Yellin Teachers’ Seminary, Jerusalem. Curator: Mimi Smilan

2008 - The Lost Garden, two parallel exhibitions, the Jerusalem Theatre Gallery and Hansen House, Jerusalem. Curators: Yosi Davara and Noga Arad (Ayalon)

2003 - Happiness is makeup, Artspace gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Linda Zisquit. (Catalog)

1997 - Longing for the sea, Jerusalem Theatre Gallery. Curator: Maya Baily                                                                    

Group exhibitions

2020 - Home. Printing, Artists of the Marie Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Liav Mizrahi. 12th Manofim Contemporary Art Festival, Jerusalem

2019 - “And there was evening…”, Artists of the Marie Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Liav Mizrahi. 11th Manofim Contemporary Art Festival, Jerusalem 

2019 - Nepotism, Marie Gallery, Jerusalem 

2019 - Her dress, her symbol, Agripas 12 Gallery and Marie Gallery, Jerusalem. Curators: Nomi Tannhauser and Rita Mendes-Flohr

2018 - Plastic Art, Artists of the Marie Gallery, Jerusalem. Curator: Yanai Geva. 10th Manofim Contemporary Art Festival, Jerusalem

2018 - Noise, Marie Gallery, Jerusalem

2017 - Artists of the Leveled Kunstnartun, Norway. Curator: Berit Hauge 

2016 - Love letters are written to be stored in a drawer, Beit Ariela Library, Tel Aviv

2009 - 1st  Manofim Contemporary Art Festival, Artists of the Marie Gallery. Curators: Irena Gordon and Boaz Noy

1997 - Three Faces, Binyanei HaUma International Convention Center, Jerusalem. Curator: Talila Greenberg

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